About Guy

Guy Bendov
For whatever varoius reasons I love interactive games, mostly the business behind them.

My past and present include

Click! Multimedia and Click! Online – Studio for multimedia and online games (94-99)
CellularMagic – Mobile games platform (00-01)
DoubleFusion – The indipendent leader in in game advertising
Journeys – a casual virtual world for young adults
Shidonni – virtual world for young kids
Mo’Minis – RAD for mobile games

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@guybendov on twitter

I am honored and proud to be the founder of GameIS, Israel’s network for the games

3 Responses

  1. Are you still involved with Shidonni? Anyway for an American to get involved?

    My enthusiasm is off the charts for this product. As a father and programmer, I have been mulling a similar idea around in my head for a few years.
    ( http://www.drakehatchery.com/ )

  2. Dear Guy,

    My name is Sharon and I represent Eco6 seeking to create a virtual world,
    I would like to arrange a meeting and talk of the opportunity of introducing Boopy to you and hopefully JV or other,

    My time in Israel is limited so please try to find the time to reply this mail or by phone

    Warm regards

    052 431 85 41

  3. Hןi Guy, this is Sharon from idea sign again, i sent u an email with my interactive platform for ebook
    would love to talk and hear yr comments,

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