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Dear Friends, family, colleagues, and the rest of you “people from my
contact list” ;).

Lots of excitements have been going with me, here in my home office,
where I run Corbomite Games and i wanted to share a little bit with

*Star Shipping Inc. is now available on the app store!*

Star Shipping Inc. a new game which we were working on in the last
months is now ready and available for sale for iPod touch,iPhone and
iPad on the apple app store. Check it out:



*Pizza Morgana, and Rock Band*

I’m working on episode 2 of Pizza Morgana (http://ping.fm/cCBHQ
), our adventure game series and I’m happy to say that the theme song
from Pizza Morgana is now available on the Rock Band Network song.

Other songs we’ve authored to Rock Band Network include “Push Me” and
“All eyes on me” by the Carsitters, and “Fool” by the Bronies. We’re
working on more songs by Rockfour, Eatliz, Shy Nobleman, FeelAbouT
and Solstice Coil.
Read about out Rock Band songs in LehakatRock.com

You can play them on Rock Band 2 on the XBOX.
Find it in the Rock Band Network under the store section of RBN2,
or follow the links below:

The Pizza Morgana Theme Song

Fool – Brownies

All Eyes on Me – The Carsitters

Push Me – The Carsitters

I’m looking forward to hear from you guys, girls, aliens, vampires or
even family members. (Yes, Mom, you too!)

If for some reason you’re not connected with me on Facebook or
LinkedIn, here are my profiles:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

Facebook: http://ping.fm/gHAIG


Where you can read all about my personal life day to day, and look at
pictures of Tomer, my beautiful kid and my recent activities, for
example my trip to San Deigo Comic-con or the 3d photography I took
in the Geekcon event that took place this weekend.

Shana Tova!

Oded Sharon

CEO of Corbomite Games

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