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Shidonni in NBC The Today Show

a quick recap of what happened :

Thu 12:00 AM – got an alert from the PR agency : Dailycandy wants to show Shidonni in NBC’s the Today show. Toys should arrive from Israel to NY by end of day Friday.

Thu 12:30AM – figuring FedEx’s timing, agreeing to send toys to DailyCandy and NBC to make sure at least some will arrive
Thu 8:30 AM – Alerting team, they already work to prepare and upscale ready toys
Thu 10:45AM – Fedex delivery arrives, we change packaging and send the toys
Thu 12:00PM Fedex delivery from the UK (extra toy)
Friday 5:00PM UK toy arrives to NBC , 3 toys are not collected
Saturday 5PM calling to check Saturday delivery. Did not happen (!!!). Calling PR agency to call Dailycandy and pick the toys. No answer.
Sat 6 PM – getting hold of parties, toys will be picked
Sat 8 PM – toys picked
Sunday – test run in NBC
Monday 6 PM – getting a text the segment aired
Well done !
Now it looks very easy but the amount of stress and detail was enormous . Happy it went well, bypassing customs, angry dogs, TV schedules, world disasters, timezones to bring you another Israeli innovation.


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