Silverlight Rant

Many applause for Microsoft for bringing us Silverlight 2 – the release. The web will be more colorful for sure.

My opinion, which is not the opinion of anyone I work for or with, is that Microsoft is missing out of developers communication.

I see if in two fronts

1. Companies who already run live services did not know or get any official or unofficial “Warnings” that Silverlight 2 beta 2 is going to be replaced by formal 2 just like that. The tools came out a week a go but a nice 2 days heads up would have made our CTO’s life easier. In Israel it is also national Holiday so no one could have worked on updating sites anyway. Could Microsoft HQ had this discussion going ?:

a. good news team, we will release Silverlight on the 14th.

b. great. should we let the guys who already run live services know about it a day or two before ?

a. Naaaa. They are a group of early adopters. They are too committed and will have to suffer this turn of events. They will recover anyway in 48 hours or die. Why are you asking ? 

Tell me this did not happen.

And one more thing, why is the secrecy ?  So what is Adobe knows about the release date a few days before ? It is done, you have a good product , good video support and easy path in for dot net programmers.


2. Adobe won so far with the great connection it and Macromedia have with small shops from art and technology. Something about them was welcoming , even if the support was not always there. Silverlight is still too much a “programmers tool” and is being communicated as such.  50% or more of the people you want to use Silverlight are not your classic programmers. Speak to them. Grab people from Macromedia to do it. Act more open. Make a separate detached unit . Something got to change.


I grew to like Silverlight, mostly because I did a huge project in Flex and the cost, timing and quality of programmers I found was terrible. Silverlight changes that. Another project we are doing now with Silverlight takes 1/4 of the time and money. It is enough for me to say it is the way to go, with all the risk that Microsoft will fail to distributing it to every windows desktop around. This small risk grows, if not enough big and small shops will use Silverlight as a default web 3.0 (there I said it) tool. It will happen only if the entire team behind Silverlight will start acting like a Web3.0 group.

May we all have tons of success.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Guy,

    RC0 for Silverlight came out two weeks before RTW.
    It was also clearly labels “a release for developers to upgrade their software to run on Silverlight 2 RTW”.
    All and all, I think that there have been enough time to upgrade and complaints against that are not warranted.

    Feel free to contact me if you disagree and we can try and pin-point details on this one.

    — Justin

  2. […] Microsoft’s Silverlight team Posted on October 16, 2008 by Guy Bendov 24 hours after my post yesterday about Silverlight’s roll out process , I got a call to my cell phone from Justin […]

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